In 1830, the enterprising 19-year old George Brown started a small blacksmith business in Leighton Buzzard. Before long, he began developing various tools such as hay knives, chisels, forks,and scythes.

In 1850, William Brown joined the family business and by the end of the 19th century, the dynamic father-son duo had invested in the latest steam-driven machinery for their setup. By this time they had started to manufacture versatile farm tools such as drills, horse hoes,andploughs.

In 1903, Earnest,the third-generation Brown was welcomed into the fold.He worked on the solid foundation thathis grandfather and father had built and took the company to the next level. He developed a new tool- the expanding horse hoe that sold literally in thousands, turning the business into a semi-mass production company. Further expansion took place in the form of manufacturing equipment such as push bitches, hay sweeps,and stackers as well as grain lifters.

Earnest’s sons Bernard, Alan,and Bob were the fourth-generation to join the company. By this time their retail business had started booming. Bernard and Joe focused on marketing and expanding the retail aspect of their company, while Bob managed the manufacturing arm.

In 1959, Bob Brown managed and oversaw their company’s computerised balesledge launch which proved to be a massive success, with over 10,000 units being sold.

Today, Jim the fifth-generation Brown is at the helm of the company. He continues to follow in the footsteps of his illustrious forefathers. Even today, Brown’s is constantly in evolve mode and develops state-of-the-art agricultural and groundcare equipment to meet the demands of modern harvesting methods. The company now operates out of new, highly-advanced, modern premises, offering premium quality products that are synonymous with the 'Browns of Leighton Buzzard' brand.